SACD (Super Audio CD) is a high-resolution audio disc format developed by Sony and Philips. Utilizing the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) file format, SACD provides for more accurate sound reproduction than the PCM used in the current CD format.



デュエンデ ~ ライヴ<限定盤> アンドレア・カステルフラナート


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No editing. All the tracks on this record are heard as they were performed.
Tube Processed Digital Master / natural sound recording / HiFi Reference / Super Audio CD / DSD / Stereo

 FONEレーベル常連アーティストの1人、イタリア出身のフィンガーギタリスト、アンドレア・カステルフラナートがアコースティック・ギターとナイロン・ギターを弾き分け、自作の新しい曲と「はじめての大切なもの(La prima cosa bella)」やマイケル・ジャクソンビージーズなどのメドレー曲など魅力的なナンバーを披露。こちらも最後は「ピンク・パンサー」で締めるという粋な構成です。ノイマンのU47、U48、M49のマイクを使用した録音は、今回も一切の編集を行わずにライヴを自然に再現したもので、まるでライヴ会場に存在するかのような空間の追体験をお届けするものです。(輸入元情報)

Andrea Castelfranato(g)


1. Acquamarina Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 5’26”

2. Frammenti di conchiglia Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 7’10”

3. Trem das onze Adoniran Barbosa, nylon guitar 3’12”

4. Appassionata Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 5’26”

5. La prima cosa bella Nicola Di Bari, nylon guitar 3’51”

6. Medley: Africa / Billie Jean / Staying Alive /Can’t take my eyes off you / O’ Sole mio, nylon guitar 7’18”Toto, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, Di Capua

7. Timeless Andrea Castelfranato, acoustic guitar 4’22”

8. Selam Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 5’39”

9. Solitude Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 2’49”

10. Kiitos Andrea Castelfranato, acoustic guitar 3’43”

11. Louisiana Blues Andrea Castelfranato, acoustic guitar 2’19”

12. The Pink Panther Henry Mancini, nylon guitar 2’24


Conceived, recorded and produced by Giulio Cesare Ricci

Recorded at Auditorium Museo Piaggio

Pontedera 6 Aprile 2019

Recording assistant: Paola Liberato

Valve microphones: Neumann U47, U48, M49

Mike pre-amplifiers, cables (line, digital, microphone, supply): Signoricci

Recorded in stereo DSD on the Pyramix Recorder using dCS A/D and D/A converters

Photos by Andrea Manno

La masterizzazione per il SuperAudioCD è stata effettuata da Giulio Cesare Ricci utilizzando il sistema Signoricci interamente analogico e valvolare